Vaibhav Gupta AI Researcher | Software Engineer

I work as a part-time researcher with Prof. Brenden Lake at the Human and Machine Learning Lab, NYU. Some of the questions that we, at the lab, try to answer are: What are the ingredients of fast and flexible learning that takes place in humans, and how can current AI algorithms be changed to learn as flexibly as humans do? My work is broadly aimed at modelling how learning takes place in human babies. I am especially interested in exploring the use of Self-Supervised Deep Learning for vision based tasks.

Prior to joining NYU as a masters student, I worked as a Software Engineer with Amazon. While at NYU, I took various ML and AI focused courses under profs like Yann LeCun, Rob Fergus, David Rosenberg and Brenden Lake. I have developed a keen interest in understanding all things Maths and Machine Learning. Looking for opportunities to apply my skills to further AI.


Self-supervised learning through the eyes of a child.
Accepted at NeurIPS 2020
Press Releases: NewScientist, DigitalTrends